Workshop M-Bus


  • Definition of M-Bus norm and use
  • Topology of bus systems
  • Application of M-Bus and use
  • Communication between M-bus slaves and EMS system
  • Setup of data logger and software
  • Practical exercises

Target audience

  • Project leaders
  • Technicians
  • End-Users
  • Maintenance team

Training goals

The participants will be trained on the coupling of M-Bus devices and data loggers.
The acquired knowledge allows an smooth implementation, integration and maintenance of Helvatron EMS solution.



You are interested in energy monitoring solution?
Together we design the structure (topology, energy-meters, M-Bus stations, etc.) of your monitoring system according to your needs and requirements.

Testing and Commissioning

We offer professional testing, commissioning and maintenance services for all Helvatron products.

Second opinion

Through our years of experience we offer consulting and troubleshooting services for third-party systems.