M-Bus Center | M-Bus Datalogger

The Helvatron M-Bus Center is the perfect M-Bus Data Logger with TCP / IP interface and integrated M-Bus level converter. It combines the functions of a M-Bus data logger and a M-Bus read-out software in one device.

Automated meter reading guarantees a faultless and continuous data acquisition for later analysis and billing. Energy consumption is transparent and savings potentials are identified.

All energy meters (eg water, heat, electricity and gas) with an M-Bus interface according to EN 13757-2, -3 (formerly EN1434-2, -3) are read via 2-wire bus system. Measurement and consumption values ​​are archived in a SQL database. With two temperature sensors  eg indoor and outdoor temperature can be recorded.
Consumption data can be analyzed from any computer or tablet via IP address and web browser. Due to the integrated data analysis (web server) no M-Bus read-out software is necessary.

For professional data acquisition, we only use the latest and proven technology for the Helvatron M-Bus Center (eg integrated M-Bus level converter).

The operating system of the M-Bus data logger is modular and optimally prepared for functional enhancements.
The firmware is updated (new features or compatibility to M-Bus energy meters) and can be updated via a user interface.

The Helvatron M-Bus Center is only 90mm (5 module) slim and is mounted on a DIN rail. We have the matching electric meters with M-Bus for mounting on DIN rail (TS 35) in our product range.


  • Integrated M-Bus level converter for 250 M-Bus slaves
  • Suitable for heat, water, electricity and gas meters with M-Bus interface
  • Web-capable, remote viewing via web browser
  • Integrated graphical consumption evaluation

Technical Specifications

Operating voltage:24VDC
Temperature range:0 – 55°C
M-Bus baud rate:300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 Baud
M-Bus quiescent current:Max. 375mA (250 x 1.5mA)
Galvanic isolation:Yes
Case width:5 module (90mm)
Interfaces:USB and RJ45

Product info

Number of M-Bus slavemax. 250
M-Bus level converterIntegrated
Firmware UpdateYes, possible by web-interface
Export data.CSV file
EvaluationWeb server / Chart
Data storageMicro SD-Card


We create and update our compatibility lists with the utmost care. Please contact our support desk to check the compatibility with existing M-Bus energy meters.

Order Information

Part No. 201-250-00 M-Bus Center for 250 M-Bus meters
Part No. 201-120-00 M-Bus Center for 120 M-Bus meters
Part No. 201-060-00 M-Bus Center for 60M-Bus meters


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