Helvatron M-Center

Introducing our latest Data Logger with addvanced flexible features! Elevate your data collection capabilities with our new Data Logger! Explore its exceptional features and empower your operations with real-time insights. Contact us today to learn more.

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Helvatron in UAE – Dubai

1st March 2023 | Baar, Switzerland We are thrilled to announce that Helventure Ltd (our Swiss Holding Company, has taken a strategic decision to expand its operations and establish a new company Helvatron Service LLC in UAE, Dubai. This marks a significant milestone in our organization’s growth and opens up new opportunities for us… View Article

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Helvatron H2O Water meter

Advanced Ultrasound Technology: Our latest water meter utilizes cutting-edge ultrasonic technology to accurately measure water consumption, ensuring precision and reliability. Multiple Data Interfaces: Seamlessly integrate the water meter into your existing systems with a choice of data interfaces, including M-Bus, RS485, and LoRa. This versatility allows for effortless data collection and analysis. M-Bus Compatibility: Easily… View Article

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Helvatron DELTA III BTU Meter

Introducing our BTU Meter DELTA III – Efficiently Measuring Comfort: Upgrade to our new BTU meter today and take control of your heat and cooling consumption like never before. Enjoy comfort, savings, and sustainability in one package.

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