Energy monitoring system


Energy monitoring system

Made in Switzerland  

We provide a sophisticated solution for energy-monitoring and billing.


The Helvatron Energy Monitoring System Joulio-Web can be installed and configured by your maintenance-team or by Helvatron service technician.
Due to our Plug & Play connection commissioning can be carried out in no time.
The measured values of heating, electricity, water and gas meters are immediately recorded and archived in the database.

Our energy monitoring system (EMS) is divided into two combinable modules:
Energy Management: For energy data evaluations / Verbrauchsanalyse- and Optimization
Billing: Creating accounts for tenants


We create and update our compatibility lists with the utmost care. Please contact our support desk to check the compatibility with existing M-Bus energy meters.

Your project

We are glad to present you our references and capabilities during a meeting / presentation.
Together we define your needs and requirements in order to implement the perfect solution.



  • Achieve higher savings
  • Integrated into organization practices
  • Continious improvements
  • Manage and monitor many locations and machines
  • Controlled by energy team



  • Graphic evaluations + Charts
  • Ad hoc analysis + validation
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Detailed evaluations and reports
  • Statements for accounts + apartments
  • Professional data preparation incl. Export
  • Automated data processing + Backup
  • Multi-user
  • Supports all M-Bus energy meter
  • Export of measurement data